30 Mrz 2017
Werk1 München Grafinger Straße 6, 81671, München

Build your Lean Startup with Design Thinking

Lean Startup ist awesome for validating, refining and pivoting ideas, but how do you go about generating new concepts? Build your Lean Startup with Design Thinking.

Lean Startup with Design Thinking

In this hands-on-workshop you will go from sticky problem to lean solution in just 90 minutes, defining your customer segment and learning ideation techniques on the way. The workshop will be run by Steffi Kieffer (Revelate) and Ralf Westbrock (str84wdProducts), packing a combined 30+ years experience in building digital products and coaching companies from DAX corporations to early stage startups.

Heads-up: Participants will be asked to pitch problems at the beginning of the session, so if there is an issue in the world you would like to see fixed, be sure to bring that along.