Belina Raffy

Belina Raffy

Belina Raffy



Belina Raffy

Director of Maffick Ltd & Applied Improvisation and Thrivability thought-leader, Thrivable World Quest co-founder and global captain

Belina Raffy is part US American, part French, and lived in England for a long time. This combination makes her seem Canadian. She has an MBA from Cranfield University in England, is on the board of directors of the Applied Improvisation Network, and has her own applied improvisation consulting company called Maffick Ltd . (‚Maffick‘ means ‚to boisterously celebrate‘).

She has worked with many blue chip companies, but

her heart is with social entrepreneurs and sustainability experts

(the nice ones, not the bitter, angry ones). She also works as a consultant with WorkPlayExperience, and has been a mentor for three Service Design Jams in London and for one in Montreal.

Belina is currently writing her first book about her experience of going around the world teaching applied improvisation skills to hundreds of people in 12 countries in three and a half months. It is called ‚Using Improv to Save the World (and me)‘.

Belina recently moved to Berlin and is just starting to learn basic German.


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